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Creating Value by Protecting Information

JOSG Risk Consulting Services will review your organization’s security infrastructure to understand the existing information technology control framework identifying where you are most vulnerable, then develop and implement solutions to eliminate cyber threats and attacks.

Cyber Risk Analytics

Global Expertise

JOSG helps you navigate the complex world of government and industry mandated security laws and regulations, from the European Union mandated GDPR to PHI and HIPAA to the ISO/IEC 27000 family of how to keep information assets secure. We are ISACA members and keep our expertise up to date.

In addition, as we have a presence in Switzerland, we can advise on Swiss Data Protection laws and its practical implementation.

Organizational Structure and Culture Helps to Reduce Cyber Risk

Cyber Risk is a continuous practice that requires supports from all levels of a business or organization, from the basement to the C-suite.

In the ever-changing cyber landscape, business leaders need to understand how cyber risks impact their operations. A full mitigation plan is essential to insure the day to operation of your organization goes uninterrupted in the event of a cyber incident. We offer Data Protection, Cloud Services, Enterprise Risk Management and Security Solutions to meet these needs.

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Best Practices

From Top to Bottom

JOSG helps companies identify, discover points of interest, create viable and executable cyber risk strategies that fit the size, budget and needs of an organization including Human Resources, Management, Technology and Legal Departments.

We offer long term solutions that are aligned with the core competencies and mission of an organization, enabling them to embrace the ever evolving nature of technology and the legal landscape that races to keep pace.

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Cyber Risk Strategy

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