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JOSG provides marketing solution programs grounded in organizational and process improvement. Our specialized programs improve performance, organizational effectiveness and manage changing business environments.
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Supply Chain and Manufacturing

Planning and Delivey

Product Distribution/ Manufacturing - A competitive assessment is our starting point: What does our client need to deliver in order to gain and maintain competitive advantage?

In an ever-changing business environment, companies are challenged to innovate, or face becoming obsolete. Competition can emerge from anywhere foreign or domestic and planning for this inevitability is essential.

JOSG assists its clients in developing strategic alliances for sustained competitive advantages for new product and distribution channels that will deliver profitable growth over time. We can help you analyze customer requirements, competitive position and pricing dynamics in any major market, and assess how different offerings are likely to perform.

Our expertise in distribution systems help clients reach their targets in innovative ways often helping them differentiate their products in the process from that of their competition.

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